The principles and policies embodied in this constitution must be endorsed and accepted in writing within 90 (ninety) days of the date of the adoption of this Constitution by all affiliated Regional / Provincial Associations and Clubs; the same obligation applies to any amendments made hereto from time to time. Failure to comply within the stipulated period mentioned herein will automatically lead to the suspension of such affiliated Association / Club. Regional / Provincial Associations and Club shall examine this Constitution carefully and decide whether they require to amend their own constitutions so as to bring them in line with the principles and policies embodied in the national constitution.

Regional / Provincial bodies and Clubs which permit discrimination for any reason, including race, colour, sex, language, religion or politics, are not eligible for affiliation.

All applications for membership to the Association shall be investigated by the Executive Committee, which shall make its recommendation thereon to the National Council for consideration.

The membership of the General Assembly of the Association shall consist of: –

The members of the National Executive Committee;

Constituent members. Two members delegated by each Constituent Regional / Provincial Association, one of whom should preferably be a physically disabled person.

Affiliated members. One member for each approved Club which in turn is affiliated to a Regional / Provincial Association.

Honorary Life Members are those who have rendered exceptional service to the Association and who are elected by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the National Executive Committee and the National Council; provided that not more than two such Hon. Life Members shall be elected annually;

The membership of the National Council shall comprise the members of the National executive and two delegates appointed by Regional / Provincial Associations representing junior and senior sport respectively one delegate each representing the Classification Committee and the National Recorder. Whilst the South African Society of Physiotherapy and the South African Association of Occupational Therapists shall have the right to each appoint a representative to the National Council, such representatives shall be entitled to a vote subject to National Council approval.

Membership of the National Executive Committee comprises the Office-Bearers of the Association who are elected every four (4) years at the Annual General Meeting held in the year following the Paralympic Games.

Associated members are constituted bodies, which share the interests of the Association whereby both organisations will benefit from the combined expertise. Associated members will be entitled to one seat on the National Council but shall have no voting rights. Membership shall be approved by the National Council and the membership fee shall be determined by the Executive Committee.