As an athlete, your brand is what sponsors and marketers want to collaborate with. One of the easiest ways to build your brand is by having an active social media account. The golden rule is be authentic and be yourself, and whether it comes easily for you to share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or not, below are some guidelines collected from experts across the web to help you navigate the social waters. 


  • “Stalk” yourself. Look at all your social media accounts and objectively think about the impression you give to those who visit your page. Those would include future coaches, sponsors and managers. If you see something that does not appropriately convey your thoughts and beliefs, remove it, even those tweets you thought were in jest can translate badly years down the line. 
  • Use your social media for good causes that you believe in. You are still an athlete and that is what people follow you for but if you feel deeply about an issue, why not share it and call your followers to action. 
  • Make your accounts public and use your actual name. This makes it easier for people to find you after hearing about you via traditional media channels and can help you network.
  • Be authentic. It’s your social media for a reason, people want to know more about you and connect with you. Don’t be shy to be yourself and share unique traits that people may not know.
  • Remember, nothing is ever truly private. If it can be screenshotted, it can be posted online. Make sure your comments are ones you would stand by even if they were published on a main street billboard with your photo.  
  • Learn from the stuff that you enjoy on social media from the technical flair to content that you feel adds value. Use what you find helpful in your posts.
  • Encourage other athletes regardless of their sport or team. 
  • Share fun workout, training tips and recipes. People enjoy content that they can learn from.
  • Engage with fans and followers by answering and liking comments where appropriate. 
  • Say thank you to those people/institutions and teams that support you. 
  • Share your news and latest updates on your performances. 


  • Make fun of other athletes or teams, you never know when your paths will cross.
  • Comment on, share, or like anything offensive or inappropriate.
  • Post when you are angry or in an emotional state that does not reflect the person you are. 
  • Buy followers or likes .
  • Engage in a “twar”, if something needs a response, one response is sufficient. 
  • Sweat unfollows.  
  • Post anything you wouldn’t mind saying with a loud hailer to a massive audience that includes those that mean the most to you.
  • Post anything that violates team rules or brings the institution you are apart of, into disrepute.