Classification is the process whereby athletes are assessed and then placed into classes according to how much their impairment affects sports performance.

In order to be classified, it is necessary to inform your specific sport code convenor or the chairperson of your club.  He/she will then make contact with your regional classification convenor to organize an appointment for classification.

Classifiers are physiotherapists, occupational therapists, medical doctors, and individuals with specific sport coaching experience, and who have received specific training in the process and assessment methods for athlete evaluation in a specific sport.

It is necessary to be classified at regional level to compete at interclub, regional and provincial competitions in order to be selected for the provincial team to compete at the national SASAPD championships. This initial classification is provisional to enable you to be considered for your provincial team based on the competition results. The first time you attend National Championships, you will be seen by a panel of national classifiers to receive a national classification.  Similarly the first time you compete internationally you will be seen by a panel of international classifiers.

The outcome of the classification process is the allocation of a sport class and at national level and again at international level, the athlete is also given a sport class status of Review (means the athlete will need to be seen again in the future by a classification panel) or Confirmed.