Executive Summary 

SASAPD has established itself as the leading Sport Federation for people living with disabilities in South Africa.  The Federation is a professional well-structured organisation that deals with the sporting needs of the physically disabled and visually impaired athletes.  SASAPD leads in the provision of opportunities for all para-athletes – from grassroots to elite – to fulfill their sporting potential.  The mission of the organisation is to promote junior and senior sports participation in all our provinces, which will enable SASAPD to identify and develop future Paralympians; to ensure equal and fair competitive sport opportunities for all athletes through the provision of an internationally accredited classification system; to support athletes’ efforts to achieve their full sporting potential through their participation in provincial, national and international competitions; and to contribute to education and training activities that promote a professional approach to meeting the sporting needs for persons with physical and visual impairments in South Africa.

The main event on the SASAPD annual calendar is the Annual National Championships.  This championship brings together athletes from throughout South Africa and other Southern African countries to create a platform where athletes can compete against their peers.

SASAPD currently plays a supportive role in the development of para-sport in Southern Africa since we have a pool of international qualified classifiers and our sporting events are approved by the International Paralympic Committee.  Annually Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Namibia participate at our National Championships.  African countries like Kenia, Nigeria and Mozambique wants to participate at our championships, but due to the lack of enough financial support we need to limit the number of participants according to available resources.

SASAPD is not looking for a sponsorship but are looking for a partner in developing Paralympians going into the next quadrennial to the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo and beyond.